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your Mistake


your Mistake


your Mistake



                   is not as easy as it sounds.



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For some people, making mistake is hard, but for others admitting and accepting mistake is the hardest part. It takes tremendous fortitude to admit being wrong.

Why is it so difficult for us to take responsibility for our             ?

All humans are essentially ego-driven creatures.




Most of us think of ourselves as pretty decent people, better than average in certain areas, maybe a little worse than average in a few, but always trying to do our best.


When we made a mistake.....



We start to get angry at ourselves for being imperfect.



“The natural human reaction to making a mistake is embarrassment and anger —we are never angrier than when we are angry at ourselves— and we have to work hard to overcome these emotional reactions.”


And also...


We are afraid of taking the consequence after mistakes.




In some server case, the consequence can mean the end of a job, our career, our relationship, our status, or our reputation.

A story of a doctor and a Jazz musician trying to admit their             .

Admitting mistake requires courage to take the consequence. As same as the mistakes itself, some consequence can be positive, but others are so negative.



        A doctor's mistake of sending

his patience

            home when this patient is

    unstable conditions.

        A jazz musician's mistake of playing a wrong

         key while performing live

   on the stage.

The results of these                can be...

        A serious brain damage

of the patience

               which lead to

      death at the end.

         A new creative note

in responsive

         to the wrong key.

The consequence of admitting these

             can be...

        Loosing his job and

reputation as

        a doctor.

         Becoming a more successful

Jazz musician

               due to his

         creative performance.

Why is it necessary to admit that we are wrong?

The result of making mistake will lead to different impact.


While the consequence of admitting mistakes also comes in different prices.



If a doctor can have the courage to admit his mistake and take responsibility of it by accepting getting fired from his job and ruining his reputation among other doctors,



We also can.



Especially in some circumstances where our mistakes causing a negative effect on other people.



There are so many different kinds of mistake, however, no matter what mistake we made —




positive or negative —





we should always have the courage to admit failure or mistake, the courage to acknowledge a wrong-doing, the courage to accept circumstances beyond one’s control, and the courage to apologize when an apology is warranted.

Designed by Rui He

GR 613 Type Experiment

Fall 2016